Definitions of terms used :

Reservation – reservation of accommodation

User – any person using the services of DAN Travel under these conditions

Hotel – site offers the opportunity for accommodation by the Tourism Act in force in the Republic of Bulgaria

1. Reservations

Reservations may be made by telephone, fax or Internet , through travel agents in the country who have a valid agency contracts with the tour operator or directly in the offices of the tour operator. The reservation is valid only after signing the tour / in person or electronically / a deposit / cash, by bank transfer or by credit / debit card , etc / , the amount of which depends on the requirements and type of the program.

2 . Information accuracy

The information provided in the offices of a tour operator or its website is up to date and given priority over one that can be found in other sources ( internet, flyers , radio ads , etc.)

3 . Documents required for the journey

3.1. The user is required to ensure the validity of personal documents which will travel the country or abroad , and to prepare the necessary powers of attorney in the event that he/she is traveling abroad accompanying person who is not over 18 years old. Foreigners using programs of the tour operator are obliged to be informed in advance by the relevant authorities on the arrangements for their travel on the program and country .

3.2 . The tour operator is not liable in cases when the user is not allowed to leave the country due to the expiry of the validity of personal documents, and where the user for some reason can not provide them. If the user has entered the country with a vehicle for him/her to leave , he/she must leave the vehicle on customs parking , otherwise he/she may be denied leaving the country for which the tour operator is not responsible .

3.3 . For travel to countries requiring visas for Bulgarian citizens tour operator helps by providing all dependent documents ( hotel booking , medical insurance , booking airline / bus tickets , vouchers, etc.)On user ‘s request, it is possible tour operator to prepare documents required for visa application to the respective embassy and apply if possible instead of the User and the User shall pay the relevant embassy visa fee and service fee determined by the tour operator, which can vary depending on the case. In this case the user must provide the tour operator requested additional documents from the embassy , and to pay related fees and , if necessary, to attend a personal interview . Failure to appear for a personal interview or refusal to make certain documents and refusing to pay any fees at the Embassy are considered canceling the trip the fault of the user.

3.4 . Issuing visa for a country is the responsibility solely of the respective embassy or consulate and obtaining a visa is not guaranteed by the tour operator. In case of refusal by the Embassy for issuance of the visa costs incurred by the User visa fee including the tour operator will not be reimbursed to the User . Amount of the fees for visas shall be specified in the relevant information under Art. 80 LT .

4 . Prices and Payments

4.1. Package prices are pre- announced and valid on the date for each program, for which it is previously announced what is included and anything not listed as included , should be considered as non-inclusion. Package prices do not include fuel surcharge and other variable components, which are posted in the information provided to the user.

4.2 . Payment shall be made in Bulgarian leva on the exchange rate of BNB for the day. Payment may be in cash, by debit / credit card , bank transfer or other means, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the amount paid by him/her was received at the Tour operator requirements of the program period.

4.3 . The deposit can range from 30% to 50 % of total travel, for bookings made for national holidays , New Year, Easter and others it can not be less than 50% of the cost of travel , unless otherwise stated in the tour contract . The deposit is paid at the time of conclusion of the tour contract .

4.4 . The final payment will be made between 15 and 30 days prior to departure date unless otherwise specified in the tour contract . The final payment for reservations made for New Year , Easter and during other national holidays shall be made not less than 30 days before the date of travel. If conclusion of the reservation is less than 30 days before the date of travel the user shall pay the full amount at the conclusion of the tour contract.

4.5 . Bookings made at prices for early bookings or other promotions are valid under the terms of the promotion and paid full amount of the trip in accordance with the terms of the promotion.

4.6 . Change in value of the trip can be made ​​by the tour operator in the following cases : rising transport costs , including fuel , change in the amount of fees associated with the use of the contract fee as fuel , port and airport taxes , customs and visa fees and other changes in the exchange rate related to the contract between its conclusion and departure date . Increase the cost of travel must comply with the amendment of the relevant costs by way of calculation is proportional to the increased value of stated expenses .

5 . Rights and obligations of the parties :

5.1. The tour operator shall:

5.1.1. Provide the consumer travel services which are subject to the tour contract and paid by the user.

5.1.2 . Provide the user with compulsory ” Medical expenses for sickness and accident ” for travel outside the country in accordance with the standard terms of the insurance companies it represents, by providing in advance the rules and conditions of the insurance company and the original insurance policy before traveling (in person or electronically) if the consumer purchases a package . If the consumer purchases only hotel accommodation or other tourist services which is not part of a package , the tour operator shall provide an opportunity for concluding that at an insurance surcharge.

5.1.3. To comply with the rules for storage of personal data. Provision to third parties is allowed only in cases where it is necessary to partner with the tour operator has a contractual relationship to perform the services requested by the User.

5.1.4 . The tour operator provides the user optional “Cancel trip ” insurance against the relevant additional charge.

5.2 . The tour operator has the right to withdraw from the tour without being liable in cases where the consumer fails to make payment within the time specified in the tour contract and these Terms and Conditions , such payment shall be certified by the relevant payment documents including where the consumer has paid a deposit, but not 100% of the amount on time , and in this case it is considered that the user voluntarily waived his journey and the deposit is not refundable.

5.3 . The tour operator has insurance “Liability of Tour Operator” in accordance with Article 97 of the Law for Tourism with insurance N: 1626013150000547147 issued by insurance company Armeec.

5.4. The tour operator is obliged to notify the User immediately if any substantial change in any of the material provisions of the Contract, and the user shall within three days after receipt of the notification to accept or reject the changes . If the user refuses to accept the changes , the tour operator  is to offer another tour under adequate conditions , and the user has the right to withdraw from the Contract without penalties and compensation , and the tour operator shall refund the amounts paid under the Contract within 10 days of receipt of the notification by the consumer without actual expenses incurred ( visa etc).. Changing vehicle ( plane, bus , etc.), hotel or restaurant and entertainment with another of the same or higher category or class without causing a change in price is not considered a substantial modification of the Contract.

5.5. User undertakes :

5.5.1. To provide the necessary valid travel documents for the country and abroad, formed in accordance with the laws of the country visited and the corresponding permits for travel outside the country if the traveler is under 18 and unaccompanied by both parents.

5.5.2 . To pay in full compliance with the terms specified in the tour contract and these Terms and Conditions stated value of travel services .

5.5.3 . To observe the laws of the country to which he travels .

5.5.4 . Pass prophylaxis according to the international standards in the medical event that will travel to countries with a high risk of infectious diseases.

5.6. The user has the right to:

5.6.1 . To transfer its rights and obligations under this Agreement for an organized trip to a third party that meets the requirements for travel within 15 days before the date of travel. In this case, they are jointly and severally liable to the Tour operator to pay the total cost of the trip , and the third person declares that he is willing to accept the transfer and agrees fully with the terms of the contract and its annexes , and that is familiar in advance with information on journey. The transfer may not be made in cases where carriers do not allow a name change and transfer of these rights and obligations to a third party . Any such change is subject to further confirmation by the tour operator.

6 . Responsibility of the parties

6.1. In the event of non-performance or inadequate performance by the tour operator services under this contract shall be liable to compensate the User for damages duly verified .

6.2. Where the liability of the tour operator or contractors for damages caused to the user by the failure or improper performance of the services is limited by international agreements , the liability of tour operator is within these limits.

6.3. In the event of Over booking / Refilling capacity of the hotel / from the hotelier and an inability on the part of the same to accommodate pre- booked hotel , the User will be offered alternative hotels of the same category or higher in the same resort and having the same facilities . In this case the tour operator is not liable for such action by the partner / hotelier . If the User refuses the offered alternative site , he/she has no right to claim a refund of any amounts from the tour operator. Liability for damages and lost profits Denied accommodation by the User shall be borne by the User.

6.4. The tour operator is obliged to notify the user about the requirement for a minimum number of tourists and the deadline for recruitment to the program and has the right to cancel the trip if it is not achieved the required minimum number of participants in the pre- announced period or cancellation is due to force majeure. In this case the tour operator is not liable for breach of contract ,and will return to the client prepaid money without actually incurred costs ( for insurance, charges for returned tickets, visa fees , etc.) , such costs shall be certified by a duly formed documents .

6.5. The tour operator is not liable to the consumer in event of cancellation , delay or changes to the terms and conditions of the journey not depending on tour operator, namely:

– Delays of flights or bus due to technical , meteorological reasons ( fog, storms, heavy snow , rain , etc.) or other reasons attributable to the carrier , and any force majeure such as disease outbreaks , natural disasters , strikes, militias action both in the countries covered by this contract and in bordering neighboring countries.

– Refusal to cross the border by border authorities due to lack of or improper user documents or any other offenses in violation of the laws of a country by the user , whether he/she was familiar with them or not.

– If the user is lost , delayed or not present at certain meetings during the implementation of the Contract  on the tour .

– Lost or stolen property or documents of the User.

6.6. The tour operator is not responsible for non-execution or defective execution of this contract when:

– The reasons are due to the user

– There is conduct of a third party unconnected with the performance of the Contract

– Force majeure, which can not be foreseen or avoided by the tour operator and its contractors in good faith performance of their duties.

7 . Cancellation terms

The user can make Cancellations of confirmed by the tour operator booking on time limits specified by the relevant supplier / hotel set in each program or reservation. In the event that no cancellation conditions mentioned in specific booking, the valid Cancellation terms and conditions are listed below.

7.1. 60 or more days prior to travel – without penalty , if not due to a canceled flight , ferry , bus tickets or other charges. In the event that these are due to already issued airline , ferry , bus , etc. tickets or visas, etc. . , Which are part of the cost of travel , the applicable tariffs and terms and conditions for cancellation of the respective supplier (airline , ferry company , Embassy , etc.)

7.2. between 59 and 30 days before prior to arrival – 30% of total amount.

7.3. between 29 and 15 days prior to arrival – 50% of total amount.

7.4. less than 15 days prior to arrival – 100% of total amount.

7.5. Upon cancellation of the trip for the New Year , Easter or other public holidays penalty is not due within 24 hours of booking. After 24 hours of booking for the journey within 30 days prior to departure penalty is equal to 50 % of the cost of the trip. In less than 30 days before the date of the trip is due 100% penalty.

8. Disputes and complaints

8.1. Any disputes over the implementation of the Contract shall be settled by mutual agreement of the parties. If it can not be reached , the disputes are resolving to the competent Bulgarian court.

8.2. In the event that during the trip user establish facts of failure or incorrect / incomplete implementation of the terms of the Contract , it shall immediately and in writing only inform the service provider of the site and tour operators in order for the tour operator to take appropriate measures to satisfy both sides .

8.3. If the claims of the user relating to the quality of the service can not be met on site , the user has the right to bring a claim properly shaped to the Tour Operator in writing within 14 days of his return to the tour operator offices or electronically. In this case the user is required to provide a report – complaint signed by hosting tourist company , the administration of the site and provider of tourist services on site and by himself. Without such a protocol – claim user may not bring any claims against tour operators. After filing a claim tour operator is obliged to notify the user of its opinion within 30 days of its deposit with the protocol.

8.4. In cases where the user will terminate the trip during its duration or the trip is terminated prematurely due to fault of the User ( misconduct , non-compliance with local laws , etc.). , He/she is not entitled to claim reimbursement of any amounts and alone governs his return to the starting point of their journey.

9 . User acknowledges that he/she is an adult citizen (18 years of age or more).

10 . DAN Travel is registered as a data controller. Tour operator needs personal user data (such as ID number, address, name, phone, email, etc.) to be able to perform services related to travel of the User. All personal data is collected, stored and used in accordance with the requirements of the protection of personal data. The user declares that the given details in form of reservation (telephone, fax , e-mail) can actually be used by DAN Travel when necessary.